These are a few satisfied individuals from corporations in the Bay Area who have received evaluations or treatment from Workplace Wellness.

In our visits, Sharon was able to teach me how to work more effectively at a workstation with minimal stress to my body. I fully endorse what Workplace Wellness provides as a service to clients- working proactively in the prevention of work-related injuries. Had I been more aware of how my body was reacting to my work situation and had paid more attention to the ergonomics of my job, I may have been spared years of suffering.
-Donna L. Cunnie

I can't believe how much better I am feeling!! I really think you nailed this one, and I am so grateful!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
-Lori Minnis
I have benefited from Sharon's expertise and compassion for almost 5 years in the field of Physical Therapy and feel she has a lot to offer in respect to her knowledge and treatment.
-Jane Lewis
Sharon has a passion for health and wellness. In addition to her physical therapy expertise, her natural enthusiastic and encouraging attitude is part of the healing process. She is honest, caring and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone interested in the services Workplace Wellness has to offer.
-Lillian Lung